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dear fat cow,

a new start for a fat cow. i am starting anew, a new diet, a new thin. now that this intervention thing as been forgotten i can start again with the restricting, with the fast and exercise. i am excited and somewhat hopefull that i will see sucess with this. a solid foundation for a way to solid me. i have began to keep a food journal again, which accounts for not only what i eat but how much i eat, what time of the day it was, and how many calories and fat calories it has. and then i tabulate the total calories and fat calories of the day. i do this everyday. i dont know why but it seems to help me keep my restriction going smoothy and my caloric intake in check. try it! it might work for u too! well, by starting my food journal up again i find that im am taking in too may calories a day, around 1100! i need to be back down to at least 800 cals a day max! so this is one new goal i have set for myself. lets see how it goes!

dont give up when ur goals are just around the corner. dont eat for one more day and soon u will be beautiful!
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